St. Columbanus Church Ballivor   St. Dympna's Church Kildalkey
Weekend Saturday Vigil 07.30pm    Weekend Saturday Vigil 06.00pm
  Sunday 11.30am     Sunday 10.00am
Daily Tuesday & Friday 09.30am   Daily Monday & Thursday 09.30am
Adoration Tuesday 10.00am - 2.00pm     First Friday 06.30pm
        Adoration Thursday 10.00am - 2.00pm
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We congratulate you as you prepare to take part in the Baptism of your child. This is a time of celebration and joy, shared by family, friends and the parish community.

Baptism is celebrated in St. Columbanus' Church, Ballivor on the Third Sunday of each month at 12.30pm or on the Second Sunday of the month in St. Dympna' Church, Kildlakey at 12.30pm. To book your child's Baptism, parishioners should give at least one month's notice and arrange to meet the Parish Priest to confirm the date of baptism, and also to complete a Baptism Registration Form.

Preparation for Baptism

  • A Baptismal Preparation Course is being re-evalued at this moment in time.