God and Love

It is so much easier to believe in someone’s love for us when we feel their presence close to us.  The closeness of a partner reassures us of their love.  It should also reassure us of God’s love.  For Christians believe that God reaches out and touches us through the love of others.  Jesus Christ is at the heart of all love.

The Meaning of Marriage

Falling in love is a very human experience.  But when we decide to consecrate that love in Christian marriage our human love becomes a sign in the world of God’s love.  Our experience tells us that there is something “extra” here – something beyond human explanation.  When we pledge ourselves to unconditional love for life we show what Christ’s own self-sacrificing love is like ours, like his, is a love without limits.  We are in true partnership with God.

It is not surprising, then, that God does offer us his own supreme love to strengthen and sustain us and to make perfect love possible.  That is what is at the heart of Christian marriage.  This mystery and miracle of love, the sacrament of marriage, is indeed a partnership with God.  God is involved, intimately, in the relationship.

The Sacrament of Marriage Arrangements

We welcome those who wish to embark on this life of love and faith, and who are free to do so, are welcome to marry in our Parish.

To make arrangements to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage in our Parish, you may do so by contacting the Parish Office.

It is good to give 6 months notices as there is both Church and State requirements to be processed which takes time.

Ballivor Kildalkey Parish